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blog details: Welcome to The Mint Chip Mama! A parenting & lifestyle blog where we share great ideas & places to visit in the New York area for moms, dads, & families. When we’re not parenting, we love tacos, pizza, binge watching shows, yoga, the beach, travelling, gardening, hikes, Broadway shows, lemon ricotta pancakes, Clueless, 90210, dressing up for 80s/90s dance parties, trivia, & vodka. We love our family very much but also really enjoy being left alone. We feel strongly that Trader Joe’s is the best store on Earth & realize that sometimes it’s OK to yell at your kids because they can be really, really annoying. Please know, we also have a strong loyalty to dark chocolate & do not believe in white chocolate (no offense). Obviously, our favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip.

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