The Truth About Corporate & Commercial Law Practices in Dubai

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blog details: What Is Commercial Law and Its Services? Commercial law is combination of diverse legal practices for protecting a business, that’s why it is also known as Business Law. The primary focus of this section is to take care of trade and sales transactions, but it can be interact with other legal areas of real estate law, consumer and environmental rights. Merchants must abide by the commercial law as it is implied by the country. Mostly, commercial laws define the trading relationship between traders and consumers. It regulates the sales of goods and services, negotiable instruments, security measurements, leases, principal and agent relationships, contracts of carriage, along with bankruptcy and tax planning. Businesses can take help from a commercial lawyer for the following issues: Breach of Contract Antitrust Issues Patent & Copyright Violation Trademark Protection Intellectual Property Protection These are common commercial issues but the practices are not limited to. In general, if merchants or consumers faces any legal challenges regarding trade and commerce can seek help from a commercial lawyer. Corporate contract in Dubai is part of commercial legal service Corporate Contract is part of Commercial Legal Support. Breach of Contract may cause huge penalty. What Is Corporate Law and Its Services? Corporate law is actually a part of commercial law practice but more specific for protecting interests of larger business. Basic duty of corporate lawyer is to take care of business transactions. It includes drafting contracts and agreements, revising legal papers, avoiding lawsuits and defending corporations if it is sued. Before incorporating a business it is important to consult with a corporate lawyer who can prepare a company’s legal strategy. It helps the company to follow regional and international rules. When Should You Hire a Business Lawyer In Dubai To get a roadmap for business setup in Dubai it is always safe to take legal advise. Although Small and medium enterprises in Dubai may not have the luxury to maintain a full time business attorney they may hire one in case of legal trouble. Read More: How To Find Cheap But Affordable Lawyer On the other hand, big companies have a large scale of legal activities and they need in-house attorneys. It is always prudent to go for a corporate lawyer during the formation of incorporation. How to Hire A Commercial or Corporate Lawyer in Dubai? Commercial lawyers are already familiar with corporate rules and regulations stated by the government. Most of the cases they are specialized in areas of sales of purchasing. They can be found in the lawyers directory. On the other hand, there are hundreds of law firms in Dubai. These law firm have multidisciplinary lawyers, so they can provide a list of skilled lawyers. Contacting a law firm can have multiple advantages and one of them is they can provide a team to evaluate, plan and win legal battles. Are the Law Firm in Dubai Reliable? An Emirati local lawyer is needed to present legal complaints or defense in front of Dubai Courts. Most of the time it can be challenging. The law firms in Dubai have connection with local and international lawyers and that makes the judiciary communication easier. Unless a client knows lawyers personally, it is wise to get an advocate through law firm. Moreover, law firms have their website, it helps the client to learn their identity and reviews by other people. Conclusion Business owners should take help from commercial lawyers in general business transactions and big corporations as they have their own legal department, they must have an in-house legal representative. In Dubai, finding a professional lawyer can be overwhelming, in that situation commercial and corporate law firms can save money and time. This article is generated by Saif Al Shamsi Advocates & Legal Consultants. Visit our website: to learn more about other law practices in Dubai.

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