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blog details: Rudraksha is a seed that has traditionally been used as a prayer bead in the Hindu religion. It is associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and is commonly worn by devotees for protection and chanting the Om Namah Shivaya mantra. A Rudraksha Mala is a string of beads used primarily for meditation. Some people use Rudraksha Mala to balance their energies and heal certain diseases. Rudra is a Vedic name for Lord Shiva, and Aka means "teardrops." it also refers to Lord Rudra's (Lord Shiva's) teardrops. The meaning of Rudraksha could also be "Eye of Lord Shiva" or "Eye of Rudra." The seeds are mainly used as beads for organic jewelry or goods in Nepal and India, where their value is similar to that of semi-precious stones. Rudraksha necklace is available in various combinations from one Mukhi to twenty-one Mukhi beads. Beads with a different number of segments (faces/mouths) have different meanings and strengths and rare or unique beads are extremely valuable. Benefits of Rudraksha Mala Texts and scriptures from the ancient include the following: The power of Holy Rudraksha beads has been found in multiple religious texts since ancient times. It is said that wearing a Rudraksha Mala brings the wearer peace, tranquillity, and calmness. Wearing a Rudraksha Mala ensures both spiritual bliss and material gain. That is why we have listed some of the Rudraksha benefits. • Rudraksha Mala creates a cocoon of its own energy for people who are constantly on the move, allowing the wearer to sleep easily and make other adjustments smoothly. • It is believed that chanting just one mantra diligently can have such a major impact on anyone's life. • It is well-known for its mystic healing properties, which can help in the treatment of a variety of physical and emotional disorders. It helps in the mental stability of a person and is extremely beneficial in the treatment of neurotic diseases. • Many diseases of the nervous, digestive, and cardiovascular systems, as well as eye problems, can be treated with Rudraksha Mala. • The Rudraksha Mala protects people from unexpected debts and losses, keeping the wearer from going hungry. • The Rudraksha Mala shields the wearer from negative energies such as ghosts, evil spirits, and other malevolent elements of our world. • A Rudraksha is also very beneficial for this in certain practices such as mantra chanting, etc. Do all Rudrakshas have the same power? Each Rudraksha is unique and has a different power than the other beads. Depending on the face of the bead, each has a different deity. If the Rudraksha is genuine, high-quality bead that has been properly sanctified and energized using the ancient techniques of rigorous mantra recitation and havan. This power should be maintained by the person himself by regular chanting of Rudraksha Mantra and regular Havan. Is anyone allowed to wear Rudraksha? Generally, there are no restrictions; anyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality, or caste, can wear Rudraksha. However, considering the numerous types of Rudraksha beads, origins, and proper advice is required. Moreover, Rudraksha should not be broken, it is important to take care of your Rudraksha. To get the best results, wear Rudraksha as stated in ancient scriptures like Holy Shiva Purana, Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, etc. Selection of Rudraksha Rudraksha has its own energy which is very beneficial for those who hold it in its natural state. Rudraksha can be specially anointed to enhance its effect on the wearer. They are powerful helpers for physical, mental, and spiritual, helping the seeker in various ways (spiritual sadhana). The following is a list of Rudrakshas that have been selected for general use, with related properties: Dwimukhi Rudraksha: For married people, these are two-faced Rudraksha. It is beneficial for marital relations and should be worn by both spouses. Panchmukhi Rudraksha: This is a five-faced Rudraksha that can be worn by anyone above 14 years of age. It enhances inner freedom and purity. Shanmukhi Rudraksha: These are Sahamukhi Rudrakshas for children below 14 years. This Rudraksha promotes proper physical and mental development and attracts the child with the virtues of motherly love. Gaurishankar Rudraksha: They look like two beads and anyone over the age of 14 can wear them. They increase prosperity by balancing Ida and Pingala nadyas (energy vessels), as well as activating the seven chakras.

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