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blog details: What every business owner needs is clarity. You need a proven system you can follow to attract, sell, and service your customers. If you think about it, that is one of the main reasons people buy into franchises. They might want to associate with a brand name, but they really want the systems that make that business successful. They also likely want the hands on training that comes with most franchises. If you have your own business idea and want to develop it into a thriving business, you must set up your own systems for success. Many first time business owner does not even write down a business plan. Those that do spend too little time on a marketing plan when they do. But even if you own a business with a business plan and marketing plan in place, you are missing a great deal of what you need to become a success. It is these missing pieces that cause 80% of new businesses to fail. This is also the reason that most business owner has to start and fail at several businesses before they succeed.

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