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blog details: Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even smart TV, an internet connection is vital. Did you know that your Broadband WiFi connection signals are not only limited to the walls of our homes and offices? WiFi signals are broadcasted out into the streets and cyber criminals are in a constant lookout to access a free broadband internet connection. It is always better to secure broadband connection and to stay safe from the illegal and fraudulent activities that take place over the internet connection. Follow these few easy steps to stay safe and maintain a secure WiFi connection: Encrypt your WiFi connection: For a stable internet connection, you should encrypt your WiFi connection access points, so that only designated people can use your internet connection. There are a few standard types of protection in-built in a WiFi router including WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), which is rudimentary encryption and is least secure, WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2. WPA is the most used encryption, suitable for homes and office spaces where the residents or the employees can have access to the network through a shared password key. Pay attention to your password: While setting up a secure WiFi connection, do not forget to enter a long password which is random and hard to guess. Also, please change the default username and password of the new WiFi router as soon as you start using it to reduce the risk of being hacked and maintain a secure broadband connection.


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