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blog details: Lots of people around me comes and asked me how can we decorate our living room so that It gives us a rich and luxurious feeling. I am an interior designer based out in Bangalore, I have my own firm interior plus and credit goes to our creative team that we consider the top interior designing firm in Bangalore. We all have a desire for a luxury home but not everyone can afford the cost of an interior designer. Below are some basic tips which I always prefer that every home should have, it gives you an elegant and rich look after all your living room is the mirror of your own personality, it defines you. 1. Hang up the object on the ceiling:- If your home is not having soaring ceilings or expansive windows like most luxurious homes have, but you can Engage in some creative hardware up high, always remember it must be as possible close to the ceiling. It will help when every time you look up our room looks high and rather than blank ceiling it looks creative and amazing. 2. Update Your Lampshades:- Lampshades give next-level look to your living area, its color and shape play a vital role to stand out differently. There are lots of shops are available from where you can buy affordable lamps. Always choose the lamp which looks elegant and if it's personalized then it gives a remarkably unique look. 3. Mixing Up Textures:- I have seen multiple times most people either use the same color everywhere in their living. its wall color, pillow, or simple table. Sometimes it looks good but becomes bored with the same look, Using the same one or two textures in the living room makes a space flat and dull. Instead, mix up a variety of textures in upholstery, decorative pillows, throws, and drapery for a more creative and dynamic look. Pillow sizes should be different for a more dimensional look. 4. Showcase Art in the living area:- Large-scale art like painting or original photographs gives some amazing and magical look to your interior. Here always try to use some color frame, you can either create a collage of multiple frames. You have hung up some musical instrument like guitar, it's a simple and impactful way to make it decorative 5. Display Fresh Flowers:- You can either change flowers every day or can use artificial flowers which look fresh, you don’t need a florist, and you can just simply align a flower pot in the position so that it will be the 1st thing to see while entering the room. As we all know that flowers can change the mood.

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