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blog details: A child’s birthday is the most special occasion for many parents as they put all the effort into making it a big hit. While planning a birthday party some are starved of ideas, while others find the cost of throwing a birthday party expensive. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some of the most creative mermaid birthday decoration ideas to take your celebration to the next level. For the kids who love Ariel, the fictional character in the animated movie “The Little Mermaid”, can go for an under the sea Mermaid-themed birthday party. Mermaid Party Ideas for Your Girl’s Birthday Celebration Add a little underwater twist to your girl’s birthday celebration by adding exotic mermaid-themed decorations, fun games, dresses, invitation cards, cakes, and food to bring happiness and cheer to every guest. Read down the list below to bring this theme to life. 1. Mermaid Birthday Invitation Card Set a magical tone for your under the sea party with mermaid invitation cards. Your mermaid birthday party invitations must feature a colorful mermaid-themed design that can be customized with your special event heading. Add cute little fishy friends, seashells, and shark pals for mermaids with gold-foil tails to complete the theme. 2. Mermaid Balloons Decoration No birthday celebration is complete without adding balloons to the decoration. Create an underwater world of wonder with round latex balloons in blue, purple, and green, a hanging decoration, seashells, and a foil mermaid balloon. This scene makes a stunning photo backdrop to capture all your mermaid party memories. 3. Mermaid-Themed Tableware Make your child’s special occasion memorable with a finely designed mermaid- themed tableware. A nice set of paper cups, napkins, and mermaid theme plates with premium plastic forks will draw every guest’s instant attention to the party table. You can also add vibrantly colored mermaid fin design, starfish, shark, and coral accessories to top any party table with extra flair. 4. Mermaid Party Costume The best mermaid-themed birthday party ideas should include an under the sea party costume. You can ask your guests to join in their mermaid birthday party outfits to recreate the perfect mermaid look. You can check out the kid’s Mermaid costumes to complete the mermaid birthday party look. 5. Mermaid Cakes & Cupcakes Every birthday guest of honor deserves gorgeous mermaid birthday cakes and cupcakes. You can choose a fancy, tiered mermaid cake or a dreamy mermaid cake that pops with watercolor detailing and seashell accents. Add vibrant colors to cupcakes that will match your party theme or choose your birthday girl’s favorite colors. 6. Mermaid Party Snacks We will share the most brilliant mermaid-themed birthday party food ideas that can either spice things up or cool you off on a hot summer day. If your child loves doughnuts, try making extra-iced mermaid doughnut holes. Making Cookie pizzas are always a great idea, especially when mermaid-inspired toppings are part of the mix. Add white chocolate wafers and mix in the food coloring of your girl’s choice to make Chocolate-covered pretzels. Prepare a new drink colored with teal, green, and purple sanding sugar to pop-out magical mermaid vibes. These mermaid birthday party snacks will impress every mermaid and merman at your birthday party. 7. Mermaid Photo Booth Props Add some fun and laughter to your mermaid theme birthday decoration at home with some quirky photo booth props. Make your little angel feel like she is one of the mermaids with the photo props. The Glittery sparkle design of the fancy mermaid photo props can make the photograph very shiny and make your party look more gorgeous with all your mermaid-themed party supplies. Take lots of fun pictures of the beautiful birthday party you created. 8. Fun Mermaid Games and Activities Mermaid birthday party games act as icebreakers for socializing & starting a conversation. Try out some of the fun games and make your mermaid theme party a big event. Start with downloading “pin the tail “on the mermaid printable, draw a large fish on a piece of board and take out the mouth area to throw bean bags into it. Each child can take turns throwing three bean bags. They can also toss gold pirate coins or plastic jewels into a treasure chest. Another fun game is “Hunting for a piñata” which is shaped like a mermaid; another mermaid-themed party game. 9. Mermaid Goodie Box Mermaid-themed goodie boxes are something that will always remind your guests of one of the best and most memorable times they have spent with you. A perfect mermaid birthday party gift can include a themed bag or box filled with chocolate coins, bubblegums, a mermaid coloring pack, candies, themed stickers, mermaid jewelry, or a seashell keychain, that will mark the celebration unforgettable. 10. Mermaid Accessories Mermaid party accessories such as colorful mermaid-shaped candles, mermaid tail cake topper, ocean buddies confetti, etc will create an attractive decor and pitch the theme right. Shop with Wannaparty to get extraordinary fun mermaid accessories to complete your mermaid party look.


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