10 sweet long distance Valentine's Day gift ideas

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blog details: Relationships require effort. When a couple lives on different continents, the work and effort are doubled. The distance between the two lovebirds, whether it is a short drive or a few thousand miles, can make keeping the romance alive a bit of a challenge. We have good news: thoughtful gestures, such as sending gifts on special occasions like Valentine's Day, actually help! This year, bridge the distance and make Valentine’s Day count with these romantic long-distance gifts: Personalised Chocolates Many couples celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolates. With a personalised chocolate box, you can take the celebration to the next level this year. You can send these Valentine's Day chocolates with an engraved message to your lover who lives across the country. Isn't that a great way to make them smile even while they are separated? 2. Fleece Photo Blanket You can keep your partner warm and comfortable this Valentine's Day with a stylish fleece photo blanket. Customize it with your name and adorable pictures of the two of you. This is the best long-distance Valentine's gift for your partner! 3. Countdown Clock: Absence can make the heart grow fonder, as the saying goes. Perhaps, that's why the feeling of seeing your partner after so long is unfathomable. Set a countdown to your next meeting by giving your partner a clock. As your loved one can keep track of every second and minute until the big day, it will further build the excitement. 4. Classic Typewriter: Isn't there something romantic about an old-fashioned romance? Most of you probably love such a story. We have the perfect gift for your long-distance partner if he or she is a fan of all things old-school too. A vintage classic typewriter. Give your lover a Valentine's Day card that is loaded with ink and paper. 5. Card Game Distance causing your conversations to fall short? In that case, go with the perfect long-distance Valentine's Day gift idea- the 'we're not really strangers' card game, a Q&A game that is sure to spark meaningful discussions. Interesting, right? 6. You can't even imagine how badly your loved one must miss those big bear hugs right now. In that case, we have just the right pick for your partner. A pocket hug coin. They can safely keep it in the corner of their pocket, wallet, or purse. You can engrave their initials and send it to them to stay close. 7. Silver-plated Fortune Cookie Put yourself on your better half's future with an elegant silver-plated fortune cookie. You can leave a personal message inside a fortune cookie and wait for your loved ones to open it on Valentine's Day. Guess what? The fortunes can also be changed after Valentine's Day and hidden again in the cookie. 8. Long-distance Bracelet Set Sending a couple bracelet to your long-distance partner will earn you infinite brownie points. So, purchase a long-distance bracelet set, download the required app to connect these bracelets, and watch the magic unfold. On tapping it, your partner’s bracelet will light up immediately. 9. Wooden Postcard Send a wooden postcard to your partner sitting miles away this season and surprise them. Unique keepsakes that your special one will cherish for years to come. So, create a beautiful wooden postcard with pictures, quotes, or messages. 10. Mobile Phone Holder Every long-distance relationship includes video calls. But there's one thing no one tells you about these never-ending video calls. When you hold the phone for a long period of time, your arms can actually hurt. So, save your loved ones the trouble and buy them a sturdy mobile phone holder so they can enjoy long-lasting calls without complaining.


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