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blog details: Shravan month. I mean, the rainy season is in full swing. The monsoon will continue in this state for at least 50 more days. This sun. But then it started to rain. As you were leaving the house, you saw the scorching sun. So he did not take the umbrella. But after walking for two-five minutes, he saw that there was no crow, no rain, it rained profusely! Busy, what else! You can't find a place to stand in 15 minutes. Absolutely Kakveja. But the real 'protection' or 'antibiotic' of the rainy season is the umbrella! Isn't it? So today I sat down to give you some 'interesting' information about umbrellas. For those who have used an umbrella at least once in a while, find out the facts. It will be fun. 1) Rain means umbrella. I started with this. Everyone thinks so. However, the invention of the umbrella was not made to survive the rain at all. Rather, the umbrella was invented to survive the sun! The word umbrella comes from the Latin word 'umbra'. The word 'umbra' means shadow. Umbrellas or umbrellas invented for artificial shade to protect from the sun! 2) Do you know where or in which country the umbrella was invented? In fact, the invention of the umbrella. And that too about three thousand years ago! After the Japanese discovered it, the Koreans started using umbrellas. Then some more countries in Asia. After that the umbrella crossed to Europe. Umbrellas became very popular among the Romans. The use of umbrellas is also known during the European Renaissance. 4) When the discovery of umbrellas began in China, the use of umbrellas was limited to girls only. Men, however, started using umbrellas, much later. And although it was a thing for girls to use, not all girls could use an umbrella in the beginning. Only women from aristocratic and financially strong families used umbrellas. The umbrella was a symbol of social influence, of prestige. 5) Do you know in which city the most umbrellas are made even today? Of course you know. The world's largest umbrella is made in the city of Sanjia in that country. That is why Sanjia is also called the 'umbrella of the world'. More than 30 percent of all umbrellas made in China are made in Sanjia. There are more than a thousand umbrella factories in this city alone! An umbrella worker in this city makes at least 300 umbrellas a day. To put it bluntly, they make an average of 40 umbrellas an hour! Do you know which man used the umbrella in public for the first time? An Englishman. Name, Jonas Hanway. Men in Europe started using umbrellas after seeing him.for more visit now.

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