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blog details: Wrongful Termination In California, employment is generally “at will,” which means an employer has to be careful while terminating the employee. However, in many cases, terminations can be unlawful, especially if there is a violation of California’s public policies set by the federal and state laws. For this, you need help from the wrongful termination lawyers Los Angeles. Wrongful termination is when someone is fired, dismissed, or forced to quit in violation of any law or public policy, or when an employer has violated an existing contract between the employee and the employer. An employee who has been terminated wrongfully past and future lost wages and benefits, emotional distress damages. Termination from a job may constitute wrongful termination if: • You were fired based on your disability, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, medical condition, or other protected category • You were fired if an employee reported or complain about wrongdoing or illegal conduct, or after standing up for your protected rights. • You had a contract with your employer regarding the terms of your employment and your dismissal violates that agreement. • You were fired because you took time off work for medical leave, family leave, or military service. Wrongful Termination Attorneys at Cummings & Franck P.C Wrongful termination lawyers Los Angeles at Cummings & Franck P.C are dedicated to representing employees who have lost their jobs due to illegal employment practices and have a successful track record of helping victims of wrongful discharge or forced resignation. If you trust you have been wrongfully terminated, you can turn to our experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer to discuss your case. To find out more about how we can help, give us a call today!

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