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blog details: On what basis is the price of the NFT decided? 1. NFTs are digital tokens that are made with blockchain technology. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, where each token can be exchanged or swapped for another one of the same kind, NFTs can't be replaced by a new one this is because NFTs can't be replaced by another one of the same kind. This makes each NFT a one-of-a-kind asset and makes these tokens non-9fungible. 2. If you want to buy or sell NFTs for cash, other cryptocurrencies don't work like that. They’re not real things at all, but a digital representation of them instead. When you sell your NFT, you may have to not only give the token to the buyer but also show that you own the asset that goes with it. Which Assets Can Be Made into NFTs? 1. Understanding what an NFT is will help you learn how to value an NFT and who decides the price of NFTs. To fully understand what you're about to read, you first need to go over an overview of the many things that can be turned into an NFT. 2. The most common and basic use of NFTs is to turn digital assets or online properties into these non-fungible tokens, which can't be bought or sold. However, many things that aren't on the internet can be represented on the blockchain as an NFT.

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