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blog details: Since its inception in 1957 with the intent of delivering high-quality books in the Bengali language, Ananda Publishers has come a long way to reach its present form- the world’s largest and most acclaimed Bengali Language publisher. With eminent writers, philosophers, economists, academicians, painters, artists, scholars, poets and sculptors in the author panel, Ananda has always been able to provide the best of creative literature and academic studies in Bengali. Today, Ananda enjoys the patronage of a huge base of loyal readers along with authors all across the globe. The readers of Ananda range from general mass to world-famous personalities. Keeping in mind this huge reader base, Ananda is offering its vast literature in the online market format. Ananda Publishers is available on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is also available on YouTube. One can now download the app of Ananda Publishers to access the books. To purchase the books, one can also order the favourite titles, after going through its preview, on the official website of Ananda Publishers from any corner of the world. A complete book catalog is available, the PDF of which can be downloaded by the reader for reference. Besides complete details pertaining to the terms and conditions with regards to shipping, refund and return are also available there. From mystery, romance, adventure, crime thrillers, historical novels and essays to books on woodcut prints, sculptors, and painters, Ananda has a title for every reader and of every age group. Much of this wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry books and comics are in the form of digital e-books. All these are supported by e-book readers. Bangla e-pub or Bengali electronic publications of Ananda are available on almost every model of smartphone, tablet, and computer as they are compatible with both android and iOS devices. One can now browse the titles and check out the latest e-book collection on the official website of Ananda Publishers, to pick, choose and buy the next read, so that they can be accessed in their spare time, whether the reader is in the office, house or commuting.


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