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blog details: How To Create a Diamond ID? If you are new to the betting world or a newbie. You might wonder how to create a diamond exchange id as I did. But first, let us understand what Diamond exchange is? Diamond exchange is the most trusted online book. It creates online gaming ids that are safe and secure. It has a wide range of live action, casino, and card games. One of the premium sites, Appabook deals with is Diamond exchange. Teen Patti, Lucky 7, Lion Dragon, and Baccarat are some other games to test your skills. How to Create a Diamond\Exchange ID? Creating a Diamond exchange ID is easy. You need your smartphone, internet connection, and WhatsApp. Follow the steps given below to know how to create a diamond exchange id. Step 1: WhatsApp Message. Text on their Whatsapp number to register and get an id within a few minutes. For the diamond exchange id, you need to deposit a minimum of Rs 1000. There is no maximum deposit amount. Step 2: Log in After depositing money you will get login credentials. Go to diamond exchange (official site) and log in with the credentials generated on Whatsapp. Step 3: Start placing bets. After login into the account chose the game you are interested in. Like Teen Patti, Poker, Black Jack, etc. Start placing bets and earn money. You can gamble on IPL and other live sports events and earn big. Step 4: Withdrawal For the withdrawal process contact them on WhatsApp. You will get an instant reply. You can withdraw your prize money in 30 minutes. You get 24*7 online support and a secure backend. Step 5: Play more. Like this, you can play more games and earn more money. You can enhance your skills and earn more. Conclusions We gave a brief idea of how to create a diamond exchange id. Appabook is one of the most popular betting sites in India. You get an id within 30 seconds. And you can withdraw within 10 mins. Appabook provides 24*7 deposits, refills, and withdrawals. It also provides 24*7 customer support. You will get an exciting bonus on your need id. Diamond exchange is Appabook’s premium site. Both platforms ensure you get an exciting and great gaming experience.

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