Top Health Benefits of Table Tennis

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blog details: Table Tennis is good for your health at any age - it's great for kids, adults, and the elderly. It is not only an international sport and fun sport but also an effective exercise for the whole body. Table tennis is beneficial for physical and mental health. Vision benefits According to a study, table tennis has a positive effect on the eyeball muscles. This is due to the constant training of the player with these muscles, as he must constantly change his focus on the tennis table. It is necessary to keep an eye on the ball every time. With a powerful attack strike, the ball can reach speeds of up to 180 km / h. The player has a fraction of a second to evaluate the flight path, the possibility of rebounding from a particular zone, and subsequent movements to properly select and collide. After rebounding from different strokes and trajectories, the ball can not only change speed and direction and the player must respond appropriately, but also keep an eye on his opponent. It is important to track the position of the competitor in terms of table, racket grip, and pose. The eyeball muscles are trained by constantly changing focus, which is done unknowingly during the game. Cardiovascular and respiratory system effects Table tennis are aerobic exercises, which the oxygen entering the lungs helps as the body's "fuel." Running, cycling, and fitness are all examples of aerobic exercise, which help to normalize pulse (HR) and blood pressure (BP) and have a positive impact on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Weight loss benefits Table tennis can also be considered an effective form of exercise for overweight people. One hour of training is a medium-intensity sport and burns approximately 300 kcal. In addition, regular table tennis promotes muscle growth and strengthen the thighs, back, and front. You can not only lose weight but also build a beautiful body. At the same time, table tennis is much more fun than running on a treadmill, riding an exercise bike, or doing the same exercise at a fitness club. Mental health benefits Playing regular table tennis helps to develop strong willpower qualities. The advantages of table tennis include a healthy desire to win, the ability to feel the opponent's mood and the ability to act on mistakes, and the ability to accept losses as tips to improve the game. It is a completely safe sport that promotes the development of skills and reactions; it is appropriate for children aged 5-6 years and retired people. Also read: selection guide for table tennis tables

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