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blog details: Trust Factor has come a long way from 2017 when it was launched, and to date, it’s being changed from time to time and harder to improve. In simple words, the trust factor is one of the integral tools which is used by Valve to make a great matchmaking experience, by separating the good players and bad players, by bad players we mean toxic, cheaters, etc. This also has been a very thing for many people but every rule has its an exception and there are innocent players which get hurt in the process and some bad players take advantage of it. The trust factor has been distinguished between three colors Green, Yellow, and Red. Green: The best trust factor is represented by the Green color. Yellow: This color represents the medium trust factor in CSGO. Red: This is a sign of bad trust factor. In simple terms, if you have a bad trust factor then you will queue against cheaters and it means no fun for you if you don’t cheat in-game. csgo accounts


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