Windows and its Journey till present

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blog details: WINDOWS- It's a GUI operating system for personal computers. Microsoft Windows was first initiated with version 1.0 on November 10, 1983. Over a dozen versions of Windows were released after that, including the current version, Windows 11. The two most common editions of Windows for home are Windows Home and Windows professional. 1. Windows Home: Windows Home is the basic edition of Windows. It provides all the elemental functions of Windows, such as connecting to the Internet, web browsing, watching videos, using office software, and playing video games. It is the slightest expensive edition of Windows, and it comes preinstalled on many recently developed computers. 2. Windows Pro: Windows Professional is an amplified Windows edition, for power users, and small to medium-sized businesses. It includes all the traits of Windows Home, plus the following: 3. REMOTE DESKTOP: Authorizes you to remotely control another Windows computer connected to the Internet. 4. BitLocker: Microsoft's integrated file encryption. 5. TRUSTED BOOT: provides encryption of the boot loader, preserving the computer against rootkits. 6. HYPER-V: a Windows hypervisor for running virtual machines, corresponding to third-party software, such as VirtualBox.

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