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In cartoons, bunnies eat a lot of carrots and lettuce, and some people still have the misconception that these are their main foods and they get all the necessary nutrients from them. It is definitely not the case, and if you are thinking about getting a rabbit, make sure you are very well informed about what they eat every day, and what works for their digestive system. The good news is that rabbit food is not complicated, and you can easily nurture your furry companion.

Once you know the essentials, what to give and what not to offer to your bunny, you will be on the safe side, and your rabbit will be thriving, living its best life, and getting the proper nutrition. Not all vegetables and fruits are recommended, some are suitable for occasional serving, while others should be avoided at all costs. Instead, Timothy hay should be provided at all times, since it is highly beneficial for their teeth and digestion.

Quality Rabbit Food Makes a Difference

Bunnies enjoy good rabbit food, they like to munch throughout the day, to keep their digestive system in good health. You can combine foods, such as hay ,vegetables, pellets, fruits, and treats, to keep them satisfied and to control their growing teeth. Access to water should always be available to them, and the most important aspect is to keep in mind that they are herbivores, and meat must not be offered.

There are some foods that must be provided all day long, while others only a couple of times per week. No matter if you keep your bunny inside or outside the house, always observe what types of foods they have access to. It also matters if they are in mating season, because this period is more challenging and they require more nutrition, fattier hay, to keep them in good health.

Timothy hay is highly recommended for bunnies, guinea pigs, and small animals. A constant supply of it should always be available in their den. It is the base of a good diet, and the other foods can be given along the way. Alfalfa hay is another type you will find in pet shops and in articles online, but it is mostly recommended for young bunnies, because it is higher in calories and sugar. Limited supplies should be provided to adults.

The Importance of Timothy Hay

Whenever you purchase Timothy hay, make sure it is fresh. You can smell it and it should have a good scent, not look brown and develop mold. Once you find a good provider, stick to it, because you will need a lot of supply. Hay is necessary to offer the fiber and nutrient content to help with good digestion, avoid obesity, diarrhea, and hairballs. Their incisors become healthier once they munch on hay all day long.

If you are using a litter box, then place the hay in one end, since they like to have access to it while using the box. When you store hay, make sure to keep it in a dry place, otherwise it can become moldy, and it is not safe for your bunny. The good news is that you can find it in large packages at pet shops, and you can always have the necessary supply at home.

Healthy coat and fur

Quality rabbit food shows, meaning you will see it on the outside. If your furry friend has a shiny and soft fur, it means it is healthy on the inside. Not to mention the energy levels you will witness, and how your bunny becomes active and content. The ideal combination consists of hay, fresh greens, flowers, herbs, and fresh water. If you keep count of these, then you will have a satisfied pet.

Small animals are not relaxed all day long, they are busy by nature, because in the wild they must forage for food, keep an eye for predators, and chew constantly. Their mental health is important, and the behaviors should be respected when bunnies live indoors. A bored and restricted animal is not happy and will soon develop a destructive behavior. If you keep them busy with some Timothy hay, toys, treats hidden in certain places for them to find, they will always have an occupation.

Different types of hay

Timothy hay is available in different kinds, and they all provide diverse nutrient properties. The examples include first cut, second, and third. The first cut has high fiber content, and it is most suited for bunnies that have issues with digestion. Wearing down teeth is also another benefit. Being lower in fat and protein, the first cut is recommended for bunnies that require to lose some weight.

The second cut is the most popular and recommended for adult animals, because it has a balanced amount of fiber, fat, and protein. The third cut hay is softer and the leaf content is generous. This makes it highly popular for animals that have health issues with their teeth or mouth. Also, if your companion needs to gain some weight, this is the recommended variety, since it is high in protein and fat, and low in fiber.

What Other Rabbit Food to Give

Pellets are available for rabbits, and although they should not be their main diet, you can offer some along with fresh vegetables. Avoid varieties that contain corn or seeds, because they are high in calories. Rabbits enjoy fresh pellets, and as they age, they should receive less and less. Treats form an important part of rabbit food, especially when you train your companion.

Treats should be healthy choices, such as Brussel sprouts, fresh carrot tops, green pepper, bananas, strawberries. Your furry friend should be mentally and physically stimulated, and this means encouraging foraging and chewing. With the help of toys, you can hide treats and encourage such behavior. This way, they will be entertained and have an occupation, while you are away and unable to attend to their needs. Foods to avoid include chocolate, avocado, raw rhubarb, and all common houseplants.

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