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blog details: Designing your home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. It is difficult to strike the right balance between form and function. Whatever your style, big pictures, and small details are important. To design a luxurious home, everything from choosing the right furniture to finding the appropriate color palette is important. Here are some of the best home decor ideas recommended by Top Interior Designers to help you design your dream home. Consider fabrics and colors: Start reducing the colors you want to use for furniture, blinds, curtains, or painted or wallpapered walls. The third color can be pronounced on cushions, lampshades, bed quilts, and other equipment such as tablecloths or even paintings. Increase furniture size: Decide the size of the furniture you want in your room. Consider the scale; A large room requires a large sofa and footstool. The majority of interior designers recommend having a large statement in a small space, even if the bedroom has a headboard. The balance of large and small pieces will create a pleasant living space. Remember to think about light: Poor lighting can ruin a beautifully designed space, so set a budget for lighting. Floor lights, overhead lights, accent lighting, white or light-colored walls, and furniture, as well as windows (for natural light), are all great ways to open dark or enclosed spaces. At least one mirror in each room: The mirror can illuminate the room by reflecting the light around it. However, putting one in the wrong place can be almost as bad as not having one. Instead, install mirrors directly on the windows. If you hang a mirror directly in front of a window, the light may come out again. Display your favorite paintings: Make your living room wall look like an art gallery by displaying some of your favorite paintings. Choose frames that complement the overall decor and color scheme. To maintain a sense of consistency, hang them at equal distances between frames. Play with patterns: You don't have to stick to one pattern in a room; you can easily mix two or three prints. Pay attention to the pattern scale - small, busy prints look best on compact surfaces like cushions or on tertiary elements like floor rugs. Large, bold patterns look great on focal points and have a lot of white space around them. Add plants: Plants add depth and character to rooms, so you may want to add a piece of a statement or just fill a corner or table with them. Plants can bring the necessary color and freshness to some rooms or touch nature in an industrial environment. You can also place plants in terrariums, mason jars, cups, or earthenware pots depending on the look you want.

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