Easy Collaboration with Interactive Whiteboard Software

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blog details: Reactiv SUITE is an interactive presentation tool that was designed exclusively to unlock the power of your Interactive Whiteboard to help you make your hybrid and remote meetings memorable. With Reactiv SUITE, you can elevate your remote meetings to new levels by being: Dynamic – Interact with your content using the Interactive Whiteboard, move, arrange and manipulate data as if it was a piece of paper on your desk. Interactive – Ink and markup using a stylus and eraser. Experience the pen-on-paper writing performance of Reactiv on your Interactive Whiteboard. Memorable – Pin multiple cameras and create a presenter and room view so remote audiences can easily see what is going on and be as engaged as the face-to-face participants. With this tool, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the in-person meeting experience in any hybrid or remote meeting. Regardless of which video conferencing software you choose, Reactiv SUITE helps improve your virtual meeting platform experience. Your presentation experience will be consistent for all participants. Your audience will be more engaged and you will spend less time on calls Get a lot more done, faster.

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