Top 5 Reasons to Choose Custom Full Colour Wristbands

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blog details: Silicone WristbandsCustom full colour wristbands are the way to go for any event you might be thinking of organising. The full colour wristbands are lightweight, skin-friendly and very attractive. These wristbands are popular with the young generation and are used as an entry or identity pass for an event.

Not only can the team at print exactly what you need along with logos etc, the colours can be used to identify guests to specific sections of the event. For example, a purple coloured wristband could indicate VIP section and so forth.

These custom full colour wristbands are usually issued at the entry point to the event just before the start of the event. This in turn makes it almost impossible for gate crashers to duplicate a wristband in advance. Guests are usually requested to wear the wristbands until they exit the event. The full colour wristband not only makes it easy to identify bonafide guests, the colour of the wristband helps keep them confined to their section of the event.

As these wristbands are made from a mix of plastic and paper they can be recycled in many localities. We are currently working on creating a fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly product which we are sure will be loved and appreciated by the younger generation.

Here then are the top 5 reasons to choose custom full colour wristband:

Reason # 1

Less plastic, more planet friendly.. These are made from a plastic-paper mix (unlike pure plastic wristbands). Also, these wristbands are easier to print and therefore more economical not just on your pocket, but also for the environment. There is less plastic to pollute the planet, the oceans and marine life and they can be recycled in many localities.

Reason # 2

100% customisation.. will print any matter or artwork you send and, in any colour you specify, provided it is darker than the wristband colour for Tyvek bands. Simply upload the required logos and text on the website using the interactive designer tool and they will print it exactly as you desire.

Reason # 3

Skin-friendly.. Many people are allergic to plastic-coloured wristbands. The combination of colour, plastic and sweat can often lead to skin rash. Paper wristbands on the other hand, are made from a composite material and this natural wood fibre can even be recycled paper. This natural fibre is skin-friendly and will not cause skin irritation or rash when the band is worn.

Reason # 4

Glow-in-the-dark.. If ordering Personalized Silicone Wristbands, know that iinstead of using normal ink, can use luminous paint and make the wristbands glow in the dark. How funky is that? The young generation will love it. The UV ink gives a great effect to anyone wearing the wristbands when the lights go off!

Reason # 5

Tamper-proof. Custom Paper Wristbands can be made as tamper proof as you like. They can have guest name and event details printed as a bar code or QR code. A hand-held bar code reader or QR scanner is all that is required to verify and prevent guests from transferring the wrist band to another person. The self-adhesive area means that once the wristband is worn it cannot be removed without cutting it off. This makes wristbands a great entry control solution and why they are so popular with nightclubs or venues that charge an entrance.

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