Top 10 Carrom Tips and Tricks to Help You Play like a Pro

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blog details: Tips and tricks come in handy every time you play a game. Useful advice and strategies will help you succeed in the game and win this time. Carrom is a game that is played all over the world and is one of the best games you have ever played as a child. However, the game is now available on a variety of digital platforms, allowing you to play in your own home with random strangers from around the world. Originating in India in the 18th century, this game requires concentration and a good sense of angle. As the game is very popular, various cafes and clubs organize competitions and regular competitions focused on it. Players claim that even if you play for hours, you will never get bored of this game. Read More: How To Play Carrom Game? So, after talking to some of the more experienced players, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you win every time you play a game: 10 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Carrom Games Carrom is an indoor tabletop game that depends entirely on your abilities. The player wins the game by choosing the angle of the strike and can pocket all the pieces, including the queen. The game is a little hard to win, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you win every time you play. 1. Side shots Side shots are one of the most common trick shots used to pocket your game pieces. This simple trick allows you to avoid pieces of your opponent's game. Side shots are when you hit a striker in such a way that when you hit them the pieces of the game are pushed in the opposite direction, making it harder for your opponent to pocket the game. If possible, you can pocket your piece directly. In general, players use this trick to stay safe. 2. Middle Shot When the pieces are in the middle, i.e. when the game starts, the middle shot is played. You must hit two game pieces at once, flick the striker where you will find space between two pieces. Because of the distance between the pieces, they move in opposite directions, you may have the opportunity to pocket two game pieces at the beginning of the game. 3. Cut and Take This carom trick is useful when you want to cut the carom in a different direction and also pocket a piece of the game during this turn. Now, it would be very simple for you to win another game piece with your next shot. 4. Thumb Shot We understand that as a beginner, your fingers may hurt after a while. Thumb hot is a technique to make your striker even stronger. Make a circle with your index finger and thumb to warm the thumb. In this case, flick your thumb towards the striker for a more powerful shot. 5. Ally Op You already know how exciting the game is when you play doubles. When playing doubles, one of the trick shots you can use is Ally Op. You should slide your game pieces so that your partner can pocket them. There are times when you know that a piece can go the easy way to pocket, but you are not likely to pocket it. This shot comes in handy for you, where your partner can take advantage. 6. The second strike To win you have to play a little smarter than your opponent. Sometimes you need to have two game pieces in your pocket at the same time. When one of your game pieces blocks another game piece, you use another as a hit shot. You have to hit the piece of the game (the one that is blocking) so hard that it hits the piece of the blocked game. In one fell swoop in both pockets. 7. Board shot Only advanced players who are experienced in the game should try to use this shot. Touching the striker on three different sides of the board so that the piece of play goes into the pocket while the striker is hitting. Pro Tip: Don't do this trick if you're not sure; You can pocket the striker, resulting in a foul. 8. Cut shot The cut shot is addressed to the game piece in the center of the board. Place your striker in the right or left corner of the baseline, aiming to move the striker in the opposite direction. This helps keep the game piece in the middle pocket. 9. Double shot A double shot can only be taken if the game piece is placed near the board or directly in the center. In the shot, flick the striker so that it hits the piece of the game on the opposite side of the board. And when it hits, it comes back in your side pocket. 10. Reverse Shot When your game piece is close to the baseline, you can't beat the striker according to the rules. In this position, hit the striker in the opposite direction so hard that it hits the board and your game piece returns to where it is, causing it to slide in the direction of the pocket. Last words Carrom is a fun skill-based game. An accurate understanding of angles and strikes allows you to win the game. But remember this is just a game. And, if there is competition or nothing, don’t be too competitive as it will destroy the spirit of gaming. We hope these carom tips and tricks will help you improve your game. Also check: Wooden carrom boards with best price Good luck with your next carrom game, cheers!

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