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blog details: The best and simplest strategy to avoid hearing loss is to protect hearing from the beginning. The ability to hear is important once lost, there is little to no chance of recovering. Strangely, though, the general population frequently ignores hearing loss. However, if you already have hearing loss, a hearing aid can help you regain a significant amount of your hearing. Here is some advice to protect your hearing:  Take a break from listening If you engage in activities like watching TV or radio with high volume, using headphones and working in a loud environment take some time to give your ears a rest. Even if you were using hearing protection, you must still make sure to set some quiet time for yourself so your ears may rest and heal. Decrease the volume If you consistently listen to loud noises for a long period of time, such on TV or radio, they can cause just as much harm. Especially if you're a musician or a construction worker you should take a break and wear ear protection. Earbuds should not be worn Since earbuds are now a common addition to most mobile devices, going back to the earliest MP3 players in the early 2000s, they present one of the biggest risks to hearing health today. Most smartphones come with these tiny devices, which fit securely into the ear canal and deliver music directly to the inner ear. It would be preferable to use earmuff-style headphones, especially if they include noise-canceling capabilities. Whatever devices you use, you should stick to the 60/60 rule: keep the volume at its highest setting and limit daily use to 60 minutes. Check your medication Medicine may have a major impact on hearing. It has been established that aspirin, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and some heart and cancer medications can all result in hearing loss. But medication-related hearing loss is uncommon, and it can be avoided if you take two or more of those medicines at the same time.

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