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blog details: With the last day of college coming up in a few weeks’ time, we the seniors at Griffith College had decided to throw a grand party and even include local bands and singers. To ensure proper planning, we set up a committee and I was nominated to it. At the time of the committees’ first meet, one of the members of the committee pointed out that Dublin Int. Foundation College which was just a stone throw from our college, would also be having their party one week after ours. Now, the students at Dublin Int. Foundation College were notorious for their behaviour and we strongly felt that the chances of them gate-crashing our party was high. Various options were discussed on how this might be prevented. While no option appeared to be full-proof, the best option we decided, was to order for custom full colour wristbands. We ourselves were issued custom full colour wristbands by event organisers on numerous social and cultural occasions. We saw that they were manufactured in a variety of colours and included custom text, logos and even bar codes. The committee appointed two members to oversee the design and keep it under wraps so that other than these two, no one else had any idea about the design or what was going to the printed on the wristbands. Meanwhile another two (included myself), were tasked with the aim of finding a manufacturer to create 710 custom full colour wristbands. We settled on because they were economical, offered excellent quality and a full range in terms of wristband variety. Instead of issuing them in advance, it was also decided to issue the custom full colour wristbands at the time of entry to the event. This we felt, would make it impossible for gate crashers to duplicate a wristband in advance. Every invitee would be instructed to wear the wristbands until they exit the event. The full colour wristband not only makes it easy to identify bonafide guests, the colour of the wristband helps keep them confined to their section of the event. Here then are the top reasons we chose full colour Custom Made Silicone Wristband: Reason # 1 We controlled the design that went onto the wristband and the design could be uploaded to the supplier’s website just days before the event. The custom full colour wristbands would be delivered just two days before the event. From a security point of view, this was ideal. Reason # 2 Two security staff with handheld barcode readers were to be deployed at the gate. The barcode readers make it easy to scan and verify the invitation. Reason # 3 Wide acceptance - Students love the custom full colour wristbands and see it as a funk accessory. Reason # 4 Cost – This was one of the most important reasons to use the RFID Fabric Wristband route. Not only could we get it done quickly and exactly as required, it was an economical way to solve the gate crash possibility.

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