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blog details: One of the crucial questions that arise when building a house is about the type of flooring to be used to ensure style and durability. While building a house most common and crucial question is which type of flooring to be used to make sure it will look stylish, classic and durable. There are a plethora of flooring option and ideas are available from natural to artificial. Our interior plus expert team gives some ideas for flooring, specially for Indian homes. Marble :- Marble is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The opulence and luxury of marble brings to make it stunning in any floor. It is very easy to maintain and can last more than a lifetime. Marbles available in natural occurrences and luxury lifestyle aesthetics, due to this reason it is bit costly. It is available in verity of colors like gray, white and pink. Natural Stone:- Natural stones are most commonly and widely used in India as a indoor and outdoor flooring option. Due to limited color option availability, they are affordable. Natural stone is also very helpful to maintain the room temperature, its bring down the temperature of home in hot and humid areas. It is a very good and pocket saving option, also gives stunning look in your home flooring. Wooden Laminate:- Wooden laminate is the inexpensive flooring option although it is durable as well, it is very popular in India. Wooden Laminate is very easy to install and provide a natural wood appearance. Varity of color option available like pine, walnut ,pecan and many more. Most common drawback is to use Wooden Laminate is, it is very slippery when wet. So try to avoid if you have golden-ager person in your home. Vinyl:- Vinyl is expensive option for flooring, but it look very stylish on the floor. Along with style it is very durable and water resistance as well, because it is developer by the layer of PVC plastic. It holds the moisture that’s why very comfortable on bare feet then tiles. Vinyl is also used for the wall paneling. Granite:- Granite is one of the most expensive flooring option in India, its become the status symbol as well. It makes you feel luxury and unique set of satisfaction. Granite is a naturally occurring stone, it is helpful to maintain the temperature of house. It is very well suited for indoor and outdoor.

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