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blog details: Discover the safer, easier way to organize your medication at no additional charge! When you need to take numbers of medicationat different times of the day, it can be difficult to remember and keep track. Do you often need to call your caregiver/family memeber to organize your pill boxes? Well, you don’t need to worrry about it anymore as your local pharmacist can organize it all in one pack for you! The Best Part, its FREE! At East Norriton Pharmacy, we use Dispill Multi Dose packaging, that organizes your medicaiton + supplements together by date and time. Your medication list is printed at the top, convinient to carry along at Doctor visits. Would you like to inquire more or Switch your prescriptions? Call us today @ 484-370-1111 or contact us to get started today! You can also request to transfer your prescriptions online (Follow instructions on the home page).

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