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blog details: Digital marketing is known as an approach, promotion, branding or marketing exercise using digital platforms like websites, search engines, emails, social media and mobile apps. Digital Marketing training for undergraduates and professionals by DICS will not only help you in learning the different facet of digital marketing course but will also provide you with a practical experience along with certifications. We have the most experienced faculties and we are one of the recognized digital marketing institute in Pitampura, Delhi. THE MODULE OF DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATION COURSE? We have multiple modules to provide you in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. Some of the basic modules covered by mostly all the best Digital Marketing Institutes in Pitampura, Delhi are:- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) -: It helps you to understand & learn how to get the website listed among the top search engine results. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) -: This implies how to generate leads, build brand preferences and target audience on Social Media. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) -: This will provide you the full fledge knowledge about how to run ads on Search Engines. EMAIL MARKETING -: In this part, you’ll get to know how to build your mail users lists and send emails to them in order to drive relevant clicks. WEB ANALYTICS -: In this part, you’ll able to track, monitor and evaluate the website traffic and campaign statistics. MOBILE MARKETING (MM) -: You’ll learn how to approach marketing through mobile devices. For instance: SMS marketing, QR codes, Location-based marketing and App-based marketing etc. DICS Innovatives provides you with the most affordable digital marketing course in Delhi, Pitampura. Our certified and experienced professionals will make sure to provide you with the complete knowledge of all the modules HOW DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE BEST FOR CAREER? TOP DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE IN PITAMPURA, ROHINI, DELHI. Advance Digital marketing Certification course in Pitampura, Rohini is a profession that has a bright career for those who are creative, IT maniac and entrepreneurs. Basically, it is more variable & engaging realm of marketing so there’s always something new to learn. And if you work in a digital marketing agency, you’ll always be working with different clients, which implies you’ll probably never get bored. “Aside from this, these are some other reasons to consider this career.” You’re day by day encountered with something new to do in this field – and have someone new to consult. You can start working on your way such as, develop a blog or a website, do freelance work or work on your own social media etc. Digital Marketing Certifications are versatile enough as it has plenty of opportunities for creative to do their thing in writing, design, developing and even video, audio editing or making, apart from this it also helps people who have creativity in a general sense by monetizing their knowledge on YouTube. We all know that when a job is highly in demand, it indicates there’s more chance to negotiate with earnings whether you will work in-house or as a freelance employee. EXPERT DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE IN DELHI, PITAMPURA FOR ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE. From learners to professionals, our gates are always open for all individuals who want to come to the profession of Digital Marketing. For example, if you are looking forward to your step in the realm of entrepreneurship, then it is essential to acquire sufficient knowledge in online marketing. Marketing your company is the key to success and DICS Innovatives will help you find this key. So, wait anymore and Contact us today and get yourself enrolled in one of the most affordable Digital Marketing Institute& Course in Delhi, Pitampura today. KNOW ABOUT IMPORTANT PART OF DIGITAL MARKETING. WHAT IS SEO, PPC & SMO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your landing page or website on search engine. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The main objective of SEO is to get more targeted visitors to your website which will, in turn, increase the growth of the business. The Search engine performs according to their algorithm to look for a couple of different things in order to list a website in the results when a person types in a specific set of keywords. You will go through all the techniques which help in improving Google rankings during our digital marketing certification course in Delhi, Pitampura. Pay per Click (PPC): You can promote your business nowadays by creating Facebook, YouTube or Google Ads which now seems to be the more essential factor of PPC services in this growing internet market. PPC’s prime objective is to enhance the visibility of the website on different search engines and engage the targeted traffic to ensure high turnover and profit. Social Media Optimization (SMO) comprises the methods for generating traffic on any website through social networking sites. We all are aware of social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. These platforms provide a network to interact with other users, enable to share posts, create groups for the same interest, share ideas, share profiles and many more activities. We provide you with the most advanced digital marketing course in Pitampura, Delhi to teach new SMO techniques which can eventually help you in increasing visitors. Viewing-up the rise in demand for Digital Marketing in every business. DICS Innovatives introduce Digital Marketing Certification Course in Pitampura, Rohinito its current portfolio of account/ Finance/Taxation & Banking training. Our Aim is to upgrade Marketing individual, Entrepreneurs, Graduates and Post-Graduates with recent development in Digital Marketing & using Digital marketing to derive sales by proving them the benefits of the best digital marketing course in Pitampura, Delhi. The team of Young experience professionals will share their experience & will guide you to get the best out of Digital marketing platform to increase business & achieve your Marketing goals.

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