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blog details: Buy top quality cricket bat at DSC online store. Cricket Bats are available in different ranges of English willow, Kashmir willow and tennis bats. In the early 80’s, our family began developing quality bats for many of the world’s top cricket brands. During that time, we learnt what it took to make a great bat. Not just from the grand brands we were working for, but also their top-line players. Everyone wanted something that would push their performance to the next-level, and it was out job to rise to the challenge. Now as a family of master bat makers along with a skilled team of local artisans, we create arguably the best cricket equipment on the planet, which you know as DSC. Ask our master bat makers and they’ll tell you it all starts with the clefts. That’s why at DSC, we insist only on premium English Willow for serious cricketers and the highest quality Kashmir Willow for those who exist for the fun of the game. Once the willow is graded and dried, every bat is hand crafted to bring out the very best in the blade. At the same time, we harvest Singapore’s finest cane and transform it in to handles that give DSC batters unsurpassed control and power.

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