Why are book reviews so important?

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blog details: A book review is a kind of a report, summary or opinion of a reader expressed about a book. A book review can be a one-line sentence or an entire paragraph; it can be good as well as bad, depending solely on the reader's experience. A book review is more authentic and personal than word-of-mouth or just a five-star rating and focuses more on an individual's reading experience and thought process. Although book reviews differ from reader to reader, based on their personal experiences, it is valuable to have a lot of reviews. Books are reviewed for various mediums like newspapers, magazines, blogs and so on. These reviews help in getting it noticed and reaching the maximum possible audience. Book reviews help authors in many ways, which makes them quite important. Mentioned below are some reasons why book reviews are important - - Resource for Readers - Makes the book noticeable - Sets a benchmark - Offer insights about the author's book - Increase in Sales

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