What kind of clothes to wear in winter?

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blog details: When we go outside in the morning, it is very difficult because of the intensity of the sun. Some clothes getting some relief from this Sun Light. Some clothes in the summertime are give comfort. *********************************************** https://kohinurfashionhouse305.blogspot.com/ *********************************************** 1. When we say summer clothes, we have to think about cotton clothes first. Even if we wear light cotton clothes all day, we will not have any problems. So boys should wear a cotton t-shirt, light cotton shirt, girls should wear cotton nighty, churidar. 2. Wearing white color clothes during the hot season is very comfortable and looks good too. 3. Tight clothes should not be worn during hot weather. It can cause skin problems So if we follow some guidelines then we will stay very healthy. (Reference:https://tv9bangla.com/lifestyle/summer-fashion-suggestion-336213.html) ************************************************** If you want summertime cotton cloth click this link-https://kohinurfashionhouse305.blogspot.com/ ***************************************************

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