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blog details: The silence of the moonlit night was marred by strange noises, a subtle blend of the crackle of the pyre wood fire and the howling of hungry animals. She struggled through the corpse-laden path with a bundle held tightly to her bosom. Light from burning pyres illuminated the ghastly, half-eaten, disfigured, spear-transfixed bodies. She had to bury her newborn in the shamsan(cremation) ground with her own hands. That was how the king had planned to destroy his own child. Mayurika had no choice. Her tears dried as her pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Ruthless Chanda had no mercy for the child as the royal astrologer had warned him that the newborn was a cursed one. The little one was destined to cause misfortune to her parents. Death loomed large over the burning ghat. Mayurika bore a hole in the ground as the king had commanded but could not bear to complete the task. Suddenly she thought she heard a voice. But where did it come from? No one was around. Then she spotted a circle of foxes waiting to pounce on a probable prey. She went near and found a man buried neck deep with only his head visible outside the ground. Was he dead? Her thoughts were interrupted as the man spoke to her asking her to save him. Mayurika for a moment forgot her own pain and spent her little left energy digging him out. On hearing her story, the man took a close look at the naked child in the light of a lit pyre, to see if she really was a cursed one. The last words Mayurika heard before slipping forever into oblivion were nothing but an endorsement of Raj jyotishi’s findings. Shibamisra left Mayurika’s lifeless body at the mercy of the hungry foxes, with the baby still in his arms. The Vishkanya (cursed girl) must be saved. He headed in the direction of the mighty Ganges. Read Saradindu Amanibas and watch the characters spring to life with the classical Pataliputra in the backdrop. Select your favourite titles from the Ananda publishers book list and buy old Bengali books online by logging in to our website: and enrich your book reading experience!


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