Why your Perfume Doesn’t Last Long?

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blog details: There are lots of emotions that go with buying a new perfumes. There is excitement when you finally can afford the fragrance that has been on your wish list for as long as you can remember. There is the feeling of anticipation of how it will wear on your skin and whether the people you are about to encounter will love it and hopefully compliment you on it. And sometimes, there is the frustration that most of you have probably experienced, when a perfume doesn’t live up to its hype and is long gone before you even get to brag with it to your friends. As much as we would love the whole process of choosing, buying and wearing your new perfume to be an exciting experience all along, some perfumes just do not last as long as others. So, why is it that some perfumes do not last as long? Below you will find some of the major culprits for your perfume’s fragile longevity-

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