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blog details: The world around us is constantly changing; the skills that are needed today will probably not be needed tomorrow. This is why it's important for parents to be farsighted with their child's growth and skills. While schools are trying to move beyond the traditional syllabus and include some future-oriented learnings and skills for children, it's important for parents to do the same in their own capacity. However, we understand that even though parents want what's best for their kids, they don't know where to start looking for engaging educational games for kids. SKIDOS brings you a versatile range of educational games for preschoolers, ones that will teach them the traditional learning concepts as well as new-age skills that will prepare them for the real world later. We worry about our kids being able to cope with all the pressure and stay ahead of the competition; these games are here to help with fixing that. Your kids will get a glimpse of various learning concepts and be able to practice them before learning the same in school. This way, when they are introduced to them in school, they'll be happy and confident. Here are some of the distinct features of the SKIDOS kids learning games that will benefit your child. 1.  Varied Learning Right from early learning skills like personal hygiene, good habits, alphabets, numbers, and colors to advanced learning like math, coding, language, physics, etc., you'll find a range of kindergarten learning games on the SKIDOS apps. The aim is to encourage holistic and all-round development in children instead of only the traditional academic enhancement. 2.  Suitable for Kids of All Ages We've got games for toddlers and learning games for 1st graders too. No matter how old your child is, you'll find a variety of suitable games for them. So, instead of downloading a number of apps every few months as they get older, you can simply choose a new game from the SKIDOS learning apps. 3.  Multiple Levels Multiple levels simply mean loads of practice for your kid. Kids get bored easily and when that happens, they'll be disinterested in what you're teaching them. To avoid this, we've created many levels in all our games to ensure that kids keep enjoying practicing the learning concepts without getting jaded.   Here are some educational games for 5 year olds that will interest your kids. 1.      Shopping Mall A trip to the mall can never be dull, and the same goes for this virtual mall experience we've created for your kids. Just like in the real mall, kids can explore all the various stores and experiences in this mall. They can visit the music store and learn all about musical instruments, grab some ice cream, check out the latest fashion, learn how to fix a car, get a makeover, and much more. And while they go through this mall experience, they can learn and solve a number of math concepts, making it a game with equal amounts of entertainment and learning. 2.      Animal Coloring Coloring is a fun activity enjoyed by kids and adults. It doesn’t matter how old you get, the splash of colors always brings a sense of calm and releases endorphins or happy hormones in us. So, here's a game that's perfect for your kids. There are more than 20 adorable farm animal drawings that your kids can color. They will have a number of tools like brushes, crayons, pencils, etc., and a palette with a wide range of colors. To make things even more exciting, there are some cute little stickers that can be added to the final result. This game works on the fine motor skills of children and even allows them to practice a little bit of simple math.  3.      Wake the Elephant One of our popular educational games for 5 year olds, this is an amazing game that allows kids to apply their minds and think out of the box. There's an elephant that needs to be woken up, but to do so, the player needs to solve a number of smart physics puzzles. The aim of the game is to make children think of multiple solutions to a problem and look at challenges from various angles. Along with physics, there are basic and advanced math and coding puzzles too. This game will make your kids problem solvers and enhance their analytical thinking.   It's important for kids to be academically inclined, but often they are uninterested in academics. But they are kids, so if the learning is made enjoyable and interesting, there's no stopping them from acing all those academic concepts. There are multiple games for all age groups and the difficulty level can be personalized to suit your child's learning pace. Keep a track of their strengths and weaknesses with our dashboard, and should you need any further assistance, we've got multi-language support to make the process super convenient. Explore the 40+ SKIDOS learning apps today!

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