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blog details: Sticking to world- class norms, KGR manufactures drilling equipages for nearly every assiduity. icing perfection in the process and on- time delivery in over 25 countries made us the top- notch assiduity as rotary drilling rig manufacturers. Under the guidance of a professional platoon, all the drilling equipages in terms of design and construction are perfect in shape and size. As per the demand for the design, the installation type and drilling type is recommended by KGR. Mounted on heavy exchanges, pure sword amalgamation is used in the outfit thereby making them durable. Types Of Drilling ways Auger Drilling Percussion Rotary Air Blast Drilling Air Core Drilling Cable Tool Drilling Rear Rotation Drilling Diamond Core Drilling Direct Push Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Among the rotary drilling carriage manufacturers, our places in 25 countries with further than 100 installations continue. We've stepped into the transnational assiduity by delivering value- grounded


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