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blog details: Welcome to Monsoon, your one-stop-shop for all your Adventure Boat Party in Goa needs! Our beautiful watercraft are perfect for any event, and we offer a wide range of exciting water sports to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling day on the open seas or a relaxing evening cruise, Coral Blue has the perfect Monsoon package for you!

Watersports Activities in Goa:

Bumper Ride: Ride the water train, this ride is one of the most exciting water sports. You sit in an inflatable boat strapped to a speedboat. After everyone is seated, the speedboat pulls the canoe as it glides across the beach on the waves. Your goal is to survive as long as possible before the bumps and turns knock you off the boat and into the water

Speed Boat Ride: This water sport is suitable for those who like to have fun in a group, say with a few friends or family members. Sit in the motorboat, tie your life jacket, and get ready to feel the wind hit our faces and the boat burn with the other boats watching the sighs.

Jetski: Imagine riding an all-terrain motorbike on mountain trails designed to get the rider’s adrenaline pumping. Jet skis are very similar, but instead of riding your bike down the road, you maneuver over the water on a jet ski. With each wave, you will feel the shock as you go up and down.

Banana Ride: Sit on a banana-shaped inflatable boat and get ready to feel the waves rise and fall as the motorboat pulls you out to sea. These boat trips are most common among families and groups of friends who want to do something exciting and exciting together.


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