What Is PET and what is the advantages of PET Packaging

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blog details: PET comes in the form of pellets and an injection molding machine is used to melt these and extreme pressure is used to create preforms of different shapes and sizes for which an Injection mold is used. Hello, my name is Mayank Agarwal and I am the owner of General Plastic Industries, Your Perfect PET Packaging Partner. Today I would like to tell you about the advantages of using PET packaging for your needs. PET Preforms are globally accepted as the go-to polymer for packaging Mineral Water, carbonated drinks, Juice, confectionery, Liquor, pharma, etc. this industry is expected to grow to a 22 Billion Dollar industry by 2022. PET has a lot of benefits, not only is it 100% recycle friendly, it is clear as glass and can easily withstand extreme climate conditions

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