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blog details: StoryWeaver is a multilingual digital archive of easy stories for children. We have tales in over 100 languages and are continually striving to add more to the platform since our goal is to reach as many children in India (and the world) as possible. We have become one of the greatest digital platforms of best story books for children in the world, providing a seemingly endless supply of books for young readers. You can now find unlimited entertaining and easy stories for your little ones! Check out our collection of easy stories for kids!CONTRIBUTE StoryWeaver is a collaborative platform for those who are interested in children's free online books and writing/reading/translating them. On StoryWeaver, educators, parents, publishers, authors, and artists peruse stories for kids. Every book you write on StoryWeaver contributes to the library of stories available for kids to read. By contributing here, you will be assisting us in the creation of a free digital archive of easy stories for kids! You can write, illustrate, or translate story book for kids in one or more languages and help them get a never-ending supply of easy stories! CONTRIBUTOR GUIDELINES While writing, translating, or illustrating on StoryWeaver, keep in mind that, your content MUST NOT: Include graphic or controversial content such as depictions of violence (to humans or animals), profanity, physical/romantic interactions, self-harm, or substance misuse. Promote selfish agendas or moral or religious convictions. Be created with the intent of bullying, marginalising, harassing, insulting, or attacking certain people or groups Include fictionalised depictions of actual individuals (such as friends, famous persons alive or dead, or historical figures). Include advertisements, connections to commercial websites, and spam. Use gender insensitive, stereotyped, or gender prejudiced language or phrases. Translate certain idioms and phrases unless you are certain that they will function in the target language. ABOUT US StoryWeaver is a website for anyone who wants to read and create multilingual storybooks for kids. All stakeholders utilise this joint platform to create a rich digital collection of easy stories like animal stories for kids, moral stories, and bedtime stories. Our platform is more than just a collection of easy stories for kids; the books are also developed in a variety of forms to interest their readers. We have left no stones unturned in making a platform of free story books for kids.


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