7 mistakes to avoid in UI\UX Design

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blog details: UI\UX Design is the design of user interfaces and interactive elements that presents content and functionality to the user. The UI\UX designer is responsible for describing what a product looks like and how it behaves to make it understandable, usable, and attractive. UI\UX design is crucial for an app or website. It affects usability, customer satisfaction, and even conversions. It determines how easy it is to use and how pleasant the experience is for the most challenging processes a developer will face. User interface [UI] design is a complex field and mistakes are inevitable. There are some 10 common mistakes that can be avoided. 1. Unresponsive Design Responsive design is a web design approach that opens up a website to various screens, from smartphones to desktops.UI designers have to take the user’s experience into account and design a responsive web design. This is accomplished by following the principles of responsive web design which are based on creating flexible designs that work well on any device. The first principle of responsive web design is to use fluid grids that can change at different screen sizes, with columns that resize and reformat themselves in a way similar to newspaper columns when they are viewed on a tablet or smartphone. The second principle is to use flexible images that can be resized as needed according to screen size. 2. Lack of text hierarchy Text hierarchy is the way that we organise and structure text so that readers can easily understand what’s most important. Readers shouldn’t have to sift through paragraphs of content to figure out which parts are the most significant. If you look closely at any well-designed piece of visual content, it will have a clear visual hierarchy that makes it easy for viewers to follow its meaning. With text, however, it’s not as easy to see what makes one word stand out more than another. That makes it even more important to make sure that your documents are structured in a way that makes sense to anyone who might read them. 3. Confusing navigation Common UI\UX mistakes I have seen are unclear navigation; in fact, this was a problem when we originally launched our website. Companies frequently appear to believe that in order to attract visitors to their websites, they must provide as much information as possible on as many different web pages as possible. This has the drawback that, while it might make sense to everyone else. An unorganised website’s navigation might be fatal. Customers don’t want to spend the majority of their time attempting to determine which page best feeds their needs and if they find your website to be too complicated, they will quickly quit its critical to conduct research before making the navigational decision because doing so will help you understand what your target audience expects from you and how to make navigation simpler for your company. 4. Inconsistent Design Nowadays inconsistencies in UI/UX design are common UI mistakes. Consistency in design relates to ensuring that pieces of the user interface and recurring user interactions have the same appearance and behaviour. One of the simplest ways to maintain consistency in your design is to plan ahead. Simply build the list of all of your actions and organise them according to whether they have similar or the same graphic component. Finally, select a single UI component and a standard alignment for each group. The same type of phase, styles, colours or other visual signals, as well as the identical wording and hover effects, should all be assigned as well. 5. Too Much Text Readers cant get through content if it is too dense, so keep your word count low and use subheadings to break up the text. Remember, Too much text in UI/UX design is a common mistake that most designers do now a day and Nobody wants to read a wall of text on any website, so make it as easy as possible for users to digest what you have to say. Losing visitors from the get-go is a common problem for many sites. People want to spend more than a few seconds scanning your homepage before moving on- which makes it imperative that you hook them from the start. People will not read an email with dense text in lots of small fonts. 6. Improper contrast Contrast is one of the most important design elements, and most of us understand it. It’s so easy to get wrong! Improper contrast can make your design look amateurish and even dangerous. If the contrast between your interface elements is not taken care of, they may appear to combine and end up looking lifeless and uneven, which is definitely not what you want. Being astute with contrast can work wonders for you. Use high contrast colours where you call to action, for instance, and watch the results. 7. Low quality image Nobody enjoys photos that are warped. This UI design error gives the impression that you don’t give your website the attention it deserves or care to resize the images, otherwise it indicates that your equipment is not sufficiently reliable. It meant to translate into how clients view your company as a whole. In the end even if your copy is excellent, your website may still appear shabby. You must engage consumers in both texts and visual methods since our brains digest visuals sixteen thousand times faster than text. 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