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blog details: Perhaps this is the first time you've worked with a tour operator to organise an instructive student group travel. Or maybe you've already been on a tour, but you still have some questions about how and why things happen. In any event, we're ready to respond to some of the most common questions tourists ask us as tour guides! Why should I choose a travel operator? This could be the most important query. What benefits come from having your itinerary planned by a travel agency? Simply said, planning travel for large groups involves many intricate aspects, and B2B tour operators are knowledgeable about each stage of the process. Every aspect is in our control. You won't need to worry about anything as a teacher, include food and hotel, travel, and insurance. You can limit your attention to the purely educational aspect of it all and help students make links between their course material and their trips. Furthermore, tour leaders have connections that lone travellers just do not! The towns and companies you will be seeing are familiar to us because of our long-standing relationships with our suppliers. What takes place whilst the trip is being planned? Every company is different. Some european tour operators provide pre-planned itineraries with little possibility for customization. But with Good News Travels, every tour is completely customised! As we get to know your group and have a dialogue with you (the group leader), we go through everything you want to see and do on the trip. This assures that the planning process was quite collaborative and that it was done with your passengers in mind. We're always accessible to provide knowledgeable counsel regarding your schedule, and we'll even add some unique touches to make it even more spectacular! What can I do as the group leader to help the process along? The professors are what really make the experience what it is, despite the fact that the B2B tour operator is responsible for planning the trip. Setting a clear goal for the field trip and being excited with the students will go a long way when it's time to go. Good group leaders can keep their students engaged in the class and make sure they understand their responsibilities.


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