Measures to Make Better Education of Disabled Children in India

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blog details: Education is the base of a well-furnished future life of an individual. But it's also essential to seek a quality education. It's a bitter truth that education has, nowadays, become a sort of business for many. The government approved the formation of private education institutes aiming at widespread education, but it has become a source of income in several regions. When we discuss education for our kids, it also includes those individuals who fall into the category of disabled children. The governments have developed several measures for these sections of candidates, like education centres explicitly for them where special teachers are employed to teach them separately. When we consider initiatives undertaken by our governments, we cannot overlook efforts shown by NGOs to support these people and develop them into individuals who can lead a life with dignity and independence. NGOs are non-profit organizations run by volunteer groups who are dedicated and passionate about serving the community in several regions by extending their helping hands. With a common goal of supporting humanity and the nation, these ngo groups work on different projects. Some lead themselves to serve to multitask, whereas a few top ngo in India commit to doing in specific areas. The power of one is a similar ngo, famous as the best ngo in Nagpur. Since its foundation in 2016, the team has undertaken several projects that support the communities in Nagpur and surrounding areas. Besides several projects, education is one of the main tasks, and they have shown immense effort in developing disabled children. What measures have been taken to date for better education of disabled children? Notable education buildings have been built and designed in a way that supports disabled kids, like ramps and special toilets. Teachers are appointed with specific experience to teach and handle these groups of individuals. Special educators are given additional training to develop their knowledge and practice. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists should be included in the team of teachers to support kids and must be regularly present in schools. Availing the need-based procurement of assistive augmented devices that are easy to handle, examine, and understand. Additional measurements were taken to look after their mental and physical health. Conclusion: Handling and educating mentally and physically disabled kids is a challenge. Besides years of experience and providing them with every possible facility, you need love, care, and patience to understand them, their needs, and their mental status. They are entirely different from standard candidates in handling situations. Hence, lining them to meet and overcome each phase of their life is a task. Visit website:

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