Bassinet Vs Crib: Differences & Which is Better for a Baby?

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blog details: When the baby is born, he should be given a comfortable and independent sleeping space, as a good night's sleep will aid his growth and development. There are two main types of baby sleep products on the market: bassinets and cribs. However, many parents are unsure which to choose due to some very similar characteristics. Today, we utilize this article to explain the main differences between the two to assist new parents in making better decisions. What is a Bassinet? A baby bassinet is a "small bed designed primarily to provide sleeping accommodations for infants supported by freestanding legs, a stationary frame/stand, a wheeled base, or a rocking base, or that can swing relative to a stationary base," according to the CPCS. Of course, other multifunctional cradles that can be attached to a stroller or combined with a playpen are also available.

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