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blog details: William Gilbert Grace, 18 July 1848–23 October 1915, an English amateur cricketer, is regarded as the father of cricket. Grace, a right handed batsman and bowler, controlled the game for most of his career. His profound influence and technical discoveries left an enduring legacy.  WG Grace was a superb all around player who was exceptional at all three key positions of batting, bowling, and fielding, but is most well known for his batting. He is credited with developing contemporary batsmanship. He typically started the innings and was well regarded for his command of all strokes. Modern commentators described his level of proficiency as being exceptional. WG Grace was a showman who attracted huge crowds to the game. Despite the general public's lack of knowledge of the sport he accomplished more than anybody else to popularise, his name still carries weight with them. He undoubtedly served as cricket's first icon. He was simply referred to as the champion and the "Father of Cricket." From the village green to Lord's, he ruled cricket, and he was largely responsible for the sport's emergence into the modern era. He became a master batsman at the young age of 16, and his supremacy in 1871 may be recognised by looking at the national averages. William Gilbert Grace made his first-class debut at the age of 16 in 1865. He quickly rose to fame as the first cricket superstar after reaching 224 unbeaten for an All-England team against Surrey in 1866. At the time, such large scores were incredibly uncommon. He gained widespread recognition as the greatest cricket player ever. From that point forward, he was "the biggest name in cricket and the main spectator attraction’." Only 18 years old, he was already referred to as the champion of cricket.

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