Here are the 6 crucial elements of a kid friendly game.

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blog details:         Video games are a part of every kid's life. At Least 76% of children play video games and another 78% of them agree that it is how they make friends online(Entertainment Software Association 2021). In the past, video games had been accused of causing behavioral problems in children. However, over the course of  a decade, several researchers found that video games did not seem to pose harm to children's psycho-social development. Regardless, parents are advised to be attentive and should ensure that the games children play are really kid-friendly. This makes cool math soccer for kids a safe choice. Although games may not cause behavioral problems it is important for parents to become their children's media mentors. Here are the 6 crucial elements of a kid friendly game.   Safety. Video games that kids play should be safe, kid-friendly, and not excessively violent. Children's brains are rapidly developing between the ages of 2-11. It is important to introduce kids only to information and content that they can process. Early childhood exposure to extreme or disturbing content can cause long term trauma. Ads could contain extreme content, so games without ads are more kid-friendly. SKIDOS has developed over 40 games that are safe, kid-friendly, and contain no-ads.   Games should be fun! Children know what interests them and what doesn't. All kid-friendly games should be fun! Games that include sports and racing are really fun for kids. SKIDOS has developed several fun games like Bike racing, Race Cars, and Snow Race that are really fun. The player also has to solve math games, exercises and puzzles along the way, which makes these great educational games for 5 year olds.   Sense of adventure. Games that involve adventure keep children engaged and interested. Games that include a unique story line help children build their imagination. Psychologists find that children who play make believe games and role playing games have better social understanding than those who don't. Adventure games like Brain City or Smart Bear Boo teach children about animals, adventure, math, and puzzles while developing their fine motor skills. Brain City and Smart Bear Boo are great educational games for 5 year olds.   Educational inclination. 54% of U.S. educators strongly agree that game-based learning is a must-have (Murray, 2012). Over the years the number of educators that think game based learning is important has increased. Games can be constructive when children can learn and play at the same time. Children that are introduced to different subjects can develop an interest in them and build upon those interests later in life. Doctor and Bakery are great educational games for 6 year olds in particular; which is the age when schooling starts. While playing games like Doctor or Bakery children can step into the shoes of a doctor or a baker and develop understanding about their professions.   Encouraging physical activity. Researchers at Brock University in Canada found a positive connection between playing sports video games and playing sports in real life among children. Over a three-year period, study participants who played the most sports video games were more likely to get involved in real-life sports than their peers. When kids play games with sports within them, they are inspired to try the sports for themselves. Educational games for 6 year olds like Street Soccer can inspire kids to play soccer in real life.   Introducing kids to the real world Games can be a friendly way to introduce kids to the real world. Fun role-playing games like Shopping Mall can help kids understand shopping, money, transactions, and different objects. When kids are introduced to real life scenarios with games they are less likely to be afraid and anxious in real life.           In essence educational games for kids should be the perfect learning package that not only entertains kids but also imparts knowledge. Educational games can help kids relax, reduce irritability and hyperactivity, and improve attentiveness. At SKIDOS we have developed over 40 high quality games for kids of all ages. With our SKIDOS pass up to 6 players can use an account. All parents can check their child's progress on the dashboard of every game. Most of all we make fun, educational, safe, and kid-friendly games that contain no ads! Empower your kids' education by getting the SKIDOS subscription pass!      

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