Personalized Lanyard Printing Services to Improve Brand Awareness

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blog details: This morning, our department head had called an urgent meeting of all the team managers. At the meeting, it was revealed that our company was participating in the annual trade fair that was being held in Dublin in the following month. We were given detailed instructions on the preparations to be commenced for the event. The production team had to get their stocks ready. Apparently, the company was planning to exhibit some of our new and innovative products at the event. Trade fairs present a good opportunity to showcase your products and services. It is also a great opportunity to attract new customers and expand your customer base. The company directors had decided to make full use of this occasion to advertise our brand and a chance for people around the country to get to know more about our products and services. Offering freebies to the potential customers is a great way to build up brand awareness. We were going to do just that after all who doesn’t like a freebie? Customized promotional items are a great way to tell your customers about yourself and about your business. They are a tool to increase brand awareness, especially if you are giving away something useful that is likely to be kept. After some internal discussions, the item selected to be used as a giveaway was a custom printed lanyard. The idea was to hand out customized lanyards to anyone who visited our stall at the trade fair. Being the store manager for the company, I was asked to procure personalized lanyards in bulk so we would be prepared for the crowds that usually visit these big events. Usually, we order customized lanyards for the staff from Ireland Lanyards located here: Lanyards that were issued to the employees had just the logo and company name. But this time for the giveaways some additional customization was required. The company’s contact details were to be included. Before placing the order for personalized lanyard printing, I spoke with Roy from the design team from Ireland Lanyards and he sent me a digital proof of how the final product would look. He also suggested we use sublimated lanyards for this purpose as they were cheaper and a more cost-effective option. They were also comfortable to wear and could serve many purposes. Folks could use them as identity card holders or clip on items like spectacles, pens, whistles, etc. Our company’s customized lanyards would be delivered in about 10 days, well ahead of the event. Personalized lanyards are subject to minimum orders. Our requirement was 200 units lanyards with the name, logo and contact details of our company. Using personalized lanyard printing services ensures that you have a product that will serve as an advertisement for your brand. I am confident that this strategy will work and that we manage to attract many new customers during the fair later this month in Dublin. If you haven’t already done it, consider using personalized lanyard printing services to grow your business. Contact the team at Ireland Lanyards today who will be happy to help.

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