Oxo Biodegradable Additive - Our Solution to Plastic Pollution

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blog details: Oxo-biodegradable additives are catalytic materials that can be infused into any plastic/polymer products which essentially speeds up the degradation process of plastic. It’s a two-step process; the oxidation process is kicked off by the additives which are followed by biodegradation. This enables the waste plastic to degrade over time from light, heat, moisture and physical stress since the tensile strength of the polymer chain is weakened. In other words, almost all single-use plastic products use this additive during the production process. The main motivation behind this is to minimize plastic pollution and control the way we use plastic in our daily lives. Granted, plastic is incredibly versatile and has endless applications in the modern world. As a matter of fact, much of our work will be stalled without it. However, plastic also happens to be the top contributor to pollution mainly owing to the bad waste management system. To address this challenge, oxo-biodegradable additives are used in many industries across the globe where single-use plastic is more prevalent such as the food and medical industry. Tests have also revealed that the residual matter has no toxic effect on the soil, flora or fauna and can safely be disposed of without ever having to worry about long-term pollution. Given the pace at which all governments across the world are trying to come up with a long-term solution for plastic pollution, it is only natural to expect a greater emphasis on such additives in every sphere of our lives in the coming years.


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