Is Test-Tube Baby Treatment The Same As IVF?

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blog details: Among the many discoveries that changed The course of our lives is test-tube baby treatment. The first baby born through a test tube was Louis Brown on July 25th, 1978. Her birth marked the arrival of an era which promised parenthood for many who could not conceive naturally. What is so special about the Test-Tube process? This is a procedure wherein human embryos were cultivated outside the human body (in-vitro) and then transplanted into the womb of a mother or carrier. That’s how the term “in-vitro fertilization” comes into IVF was popularized. The test-tube baby treatment and IVF procedures (In-vitro fertilization) are one and the same. In vitro simply means in glass or in fertilization is the process of fusion of eggs from females & sperm from males. This fusion is made in petri dishes by embryologists. The embryo formed is then transferred to the womb of the intending mother. It follows the same process of growth for 9 months as normal conception. The production of eggs requires hormonal injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs. On the day of harvest, which is about 1- to 14 days from the commencement of stimulation injections, the eggs are taken out of the ovaries using a very thin and long needle called a micropipette. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and in an OT. The extraction of eggs is the job of experts. The process of handling eggs and achieving fertilization is done in the embryo lab. Special techniques avoid ice formation within eggs & sperms. These techniques require expertise with the utmost accuracy. We at Yash IVF follow the Day 5 transfer of the embryo, which means, after the fusion of an egg with sperm, embryos are formed. We wait till day 5 of embryo transfer (Blastocyst stage), as Blastocyst stage transfers are considered the most successful and likely to result in a conception and live birth. Any woman under 35, who is unable to conceive after a year of active sex life, should consult a fertility expert. There are a few medical conditions which delay conception. Unexplained infertility, Blocked fallopian tubes, Male factor infertility, older patients who desire to have a child, Low ovarian reserve, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, and Premature Ovarian Failure. These conditions can be controlled to achieve pregnancy through various assisted reproduction procedures. An IVF procedure is multidisciplinary and requires teamwork, technology, and dedication to culminate in success. IVF is emotionally and financially taxing. Choosing the right fertility clinic is an important decision that will affect your future positively or negatively. Let’s clear a few doubts about Test-tube baby. Can test-tube babies have babies too? Yes, that is what IVF stands for. Parenthood for all. The first IVF birth occurred in the late 1970s. To date, more than 5 million children have been born through IVF, as it is developing for betterment. There are many cases where test-tube babies have given birth to babies and all are healthy. Are test-tube babies designed or artificial? Through IVF, one cannot choose specific baby traits and have a customized baby. Doctors select the best quality embryos and not the genes. Test-tube babies are not artificial or designer babies, as one cannot select specific characteristics. The correct terminology is Assisted Reproduction Technology. So it is assisted and not Artificial. Can the Sex of the baby be Chosen through IVF in India? Absolutely not. Gender selection & discrimination is strictly prohibited at Yash IVF. Through IVF, the babies are born and not the gender created. Are test-tube babies designer or artificial? Through IVF, one cannot choose specific baby traits and have a customized baby. Doctors select the best quality embryos and not the genes. In the natural process, the body selects the best sperm & egg by various mechanisms, and the same processes are developed under laboratory conditions. Test-tube babies are not artificial or designer babies, as one cannot select specific characteristics. Are Test-Tube Babies the only legacy for the Rich and Famous? IVF is an expensive process because of the controlled environmental & procedural conditions. However, the costs of IVF are within the reach, making it affordable for many couples. Financial assistance through EMIs is available at Yash IVF, Pune, Deccan. To conclude, test-tube babies or IVF babies are the same terminologies. IVF is a modern term which replaced test-tube babies. IVF is a boon and changed the way babies are born. Having a healthy baby is more important than the gender of the baby. IVF has given hope to many childless couples. There are many IVF or test-tube baby centres available at the nook and corner of the city. Choosing the right fertility clinic is the most challenging task. We at Yash IVF have a transparent policy in place regarding the finance and treatment protocols, which are tailor-made, as the journey of every IVF is different. Cost to pregnancy is the real investment and the success rate of Yash IVF is around 70%. Do visit us to know more.

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