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blog details: Parenting & child-care is a full-time job. It can be hard for parents, teachers, and caretakers to keep up with new issues their child faces. Children can have behavioral, learning, psychological, physical, and social problems. On the other hand, parents and caretakers can get stressed out or lost. There is help but parents, teachers, and caretakers might not know where to look. Remember, you are not alone. A lot of caretakers face the same problems, and solutions are available. It is possible to seek out help from several sources. Sources like SKIDOS provide educational games like math learning game and coloring games for kids while also providing knowledgeable blogs. In this blog, we'll see five places where parents, teachers, and caretakers, can look for help. Apps Numerous apps are available on but not limited to, iOS and android devices. There are numerous educational apps available for teachers to teach children subjects effectively. On the other hand, parents can introduce their children to educational apps. These apps help children learn topics of their choice. These educational apps contain educational games that teach children different subjects while they play games. For example, Race Cars is a preschooler learning games that teaches children math while they race with monster trucks! Blogs A blog is an online journal or an informational website. Blogs written by more experienced parents and caretakers are great for new parents and caretakers. More experienced parents, teachers, and caretakers share the problems they faced while raising children and the solutions they found. Blogs can provide simple solutions to complex problems. For instance, when it comes to hyperactive children, something as simple as coloring games for kids can keep children engaged. SKIDOS has developed Coloring Book, one of the best puzzles for 9 year olds that boosts their creativity. Websites Websites act as online spaces where caretakers can learn from each other's mistakes and share solutions. Websites like skidos.com are a complete package. The skidos.com website has over 40 educational games for kids and a blog that helps new and old parents, teachers, and caretakers. SKIDOS has developed games like Bath, which is one of the best games for 3 year olds. Parents who find it difficult to teach children a bathroom routine can let their children play the game Bath. Bath teaches children the bathroom routine in a fun way! Parenting forums Parents can connect with each other on parenting forums to share problems, solutions, stories, and more. Sometimes only another parent can understand what you're going through! A parenting forum is a great platfrom for parents to ask questions that only other parents can understand and answer. Parenting forums are also fantastic platforms for parents to vent their emotions and manage stress.  Social media Everything seems to be going right for everyone on social media except you. However, it is not so. Often social media can paint an unreal picture of parent-child relationships. All parent-child relationships go through rough patches. Realistic social media apps and websites exist for parents, teachers, and caretakers. Parents can connect with each other on parenting groups found on Facebook and find answers to their questions on sites like Quora or Medium.  Remember, you are not alone! Although raising children is complex, help is always available! Especially at SKIDOS! Sometimes solutions to educational and behavioral problems might be as simple as introducing kids to a cool math car game like Race Cars or coloring games for kids like Coloring Book. At SKIDOS, we know the positive impact education has on kids; and the problems parents, teachers, and caretakers face. These are the reasons why SKIDOS has created over 40 educational games for kids that combine learning with fun. SKIDOS has created games that are fun, safe, and kid-friendly. We make educational games for children of all ages. We have the best games for 3 year olds and older. Most of all, our games are ad-free! With the SKIDOS subscription pass, up to 6 users can enjoy the privilege of 1 account! So visit skidos.com, the Netflix of learning games!

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