CEO vs Managing Director – Is a CEO Higher Than an MD?

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blog details: If you have wondered who is the senior-most between the CEO and Managing Director of a company, or what the difference between the two roles are, then you are not alone. They are both among the most senior leaders at any company. But there are some differences. Their roles are largely different and both are essential to a company’s smooth running, depending on the company. Not every company has an MD or a managing director. But every company has a CEO or a chief executive officer. That’s the main difference between a CEO and Managing Director. The CEO’s role is more prominent and more common than the Managing Director’s role. Here are some of the specifics. CEO vs Managing Director Who is a CEO? A CEO is at the highest level of hierarchy at any organization. Their job includes overseeing all areas of the company, whether operations or sales. But they do not involve themselves in the day-to-day workings of every department. They are more concerned with the overall running, strategies, and goals of the company. They are also the face of the company in the public eye.

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