Is a VP Position Higher Than a Director?

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blog details: Different companies have different titles for their employees, whether senior management or C-suite. So understanding the roles and hierarchy can be confusing and daunting. And yet, understanding the roles of your seniors is critical. Among the top management positions, the vice president or VP and director are often misunderstood for the work they do, their responsibilities, etc., while both are, in fact, usually considered senior management. Read: The Roles of the VP and GM First, it is important to understand what each title means. VP vs Director Director Typically a director heads a department or a vertical. They lead managers who have teams under them. They are also usually restricted to a particular area of function in larger companies, while smaller companies might have a general director who leads managers of all departments since there might not be multiple managers in each division to manage. But being on the ‘board of directors’ has a completely different meaning. That kind of director is above the vice president and the C-suite as well. Vice President.


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