How to travel around Europe on a tight budget

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blog details: Avoid popular tourist destinations during the high season. Travel during the off-season or go to more off-the-beaten-path locations to avoid MUCH higher prices. In addition to spending less money, you'll also get a more genuine experience. (Remember that December and July-August are peak seasons in much of Europe). Purchase during sales. When you don't have to, why pay full price for travel? So that you may be informed about all the sales and bargains, sign up for our newsletters and save our promo code page on your browser. Whether you're buying last-minute or in advance, you can always discover deals to reduce the cost of your flights. Find affordable lodging. There are several strategies to reduce student travel packages costs, but this is frequently the most expensive and decrease the price. You can save a tonne of money by staying in hostels, and it's a terrific opportunity to meet other backpackers who share your interests. Additionally, particularly in larger cities, Airbnbs might be a smart choice. Eat locally. Your budget will rapidly become unmanageable if you dine at upscale sit-down establishments every single meal. Thankfully, there are many more places to find inexpensive food in Europe. Visit regional markets and cafés, eat lunch at a food cart, shop at regional markets and grocers, prepare your own meals, and most all, see where the locals go! Small, unpopular eateries and cafés outside of the crowded tourist district are frequently far less expensive and as good. Student group travel on a shoestring budget around Europe. There are several affordable transportation choices in Europe, which is good news! Use the local bus or metro systems to go about if you're staying in one city rather than hiring a vehicle or hailing a cab. Or if the city is on the smaller side, hire a scooter or a bicycle! If you anticipate using a lot of long-distance trains in a short period of time, rail passes may be a wise investment. A 10-day Eurail travel card, for instance, costs €301 ($349 USD). It may be more advantageous to fly between less costly destinations and get rail tickets for more expensive ones as many flights in Europe cost less than $50. In conclusion, conduct research! When student travel Europe as a college student, using red-eye flights and sleeper trains is frequently a terrific method to save money. Due to the fact that your travel takes place at night, you not only save money on the route but also on the cost of one night's lodging! Are you ready to begin making travel plans to Europe? To save even more on your next travel to Europe, look into inexpensive tickets to one of these affordable European locations and book with LOT Polish Airlines.


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