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blog details: Depending on level of competence and practise preference, a B.Com (Banking and Finance) degree has a wide range of career options. From cashiers to sales managers, they are employed in various professions. In essence, banks and other financial institutions hire them. Some of roles are given below, ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF AN ACCOUNTANT Accountants are in charge of creating budgets, managing finances, and compiling accounts. Accountants are supposed to provide advice and assistance to customers, whether they are local or foreign businesses, about financial matters. The accountants are in charge of creating and reviewing financial records, ensuring that the data is correct and up to date. Accounts and tax returns must be prepared by the accountants. The task of keeping an eye on expenditures and budgets falls to the accountants. The accountants must audit and evaluate financial results. Risk analysis and financial forecasting are demanded of the accountants. The accountants' job is to provide advice on how to lower expenses and boost earnings. The task of compiling and presenting financial and budget reports falls to the accountants. The accountants must make sure that financial statements are accurate and documents adhere to the rules and legislation The accountants must maintain current accounting records and software. Bcom degree has a wide range of career options after 12th and students must put his/her choices of stream during 12th admission. Salary: 4 to 6 lakhs per annum on average ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A CASHIER The cashiers must count money in cash drawers at the start and end of shifts to ensure that numbers are accurate and that there is enough change. The cashiers are responsible for handling cash, credit, or cheque transactions with customers. The cashiers should help customers with their issues, offer advice, and give them pertinent information. The cashiers must maintain transaction reports. To ensure customer happiness, cashiers must treat customers with kindness. Salary: 3 to 6 lakhs per annum on average Pune's Arham College offers the perfect balance of a relaxed atmosphere, a competitive environment, and a vibrant culture. Due to its reputation for offering top-notch teaching and having a high character for its rich intellectual and creative history, Arham is one of the best colleges in Pune for commerce. candidates for continuing their undergraduate studies in the subject of commerce.


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